Why do charging piles have advertising screens?

Charging piles advertising screens appear in the charging pile market, and everyone is asking about it. As market competition intensifies, how can we stand out among the many charging piles and attract more users? At this time, the strategy of charging piles and advertising screens came into being.

EV Charging Advertising 2

Why add advertising screens to charging piles?

1. Increase revenue sources

For charging pile operators, advertising screens can be used as an effective means of commercial promotion, bringing additional revenue to the operators. By setting up advertising screens around charging piles, operators can rent them to advertisers to obtain rental income and shorten the payback cycle.

2. Increase brand awareness

Advertising screens can display various information, including brand logos, promotional slogans, promotions, etc. This all-round display helps increase brand awareness and attract more users.

3. Create a better user experience

Charging piles and advertising screens can not only bring economic benefits to operators but also provide charging users with a better experience. The information on the advertising screen can provide users with richer services, such as coupon information for nearby restaurants, shopping malls, etc., making it easier for users to solve some life problems during charging.

What content is displayed on the charging pile advertising screen?

1. Brand promotion

The primary task of the charging pile advertising screen is to promote the brand and display the brand image and values. By playing brand videos, LOGOs, and slogans, more people can understand and recognize the brand.

2. Promotions

The charging pile advertising screen can update promotional information in real-time, such as charging discounts, free charging coupons, etc. These preferential activities can attract users to charge, thus increasing the usage rate of charging piles.

3. Electric vehicle-related information

Charging pile advertising screens can also broadcast information related to electric vehicles, such as introduction to electric vehicle technology and popularization of charging knowledge. These contents can help users better understand and use electric vehicles and improve user satisfaction.

4. Partner advertising

Charging piles can cooperate with nearby businesses, restaurants, etc. to display their advertisements on advertising screens. This can bring more exposure to partners and also bring a certain amount of income to charging piles.

Charging piles plus advertising screens are an innovative marketing strategy that can bring economic benefits to operators and a better experience for users.

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