Why do you need a charging pile APP?

As charging piles become increasingly popular, charging pile APPs play an increasingly important role as a bridge between users and charging piles. Starting from user needs, we will discuss why a charging pile APP is needed and how our Wow Charger APP can meet these needs to help you easily enjoy the new smart charging experience.

1. Why do you need a charging pile APP?

1.1.1. Conveniently find where there are charging piles

Wow Charger APP can provide real-time location information of charging piles and quickly find nearby charging piles.

1.1.2. Check charging status at any time

Wow Charger APP can check the usage of charging piles at any time, such as charging speed, whether the charging pile is free, etc., which improves the user’s charging experience.

1.1.3. Convenient payment methods

Users expect to be able to complete charging payments through mobile apps without having to use traditional recharge cards or cash payment methods. The charging pile APP integrates the scan-to-wallet payment function, making charging payments more convenient and faster.

1.1.4. Charging record query and statistics

Users hope to be able to check their charging records at any time and perform monthly or annual statistical analyses to understand their charging consumption.

1.1.5. Customized charging settings

Different users may have different charging habits and needs. Some users want to charge during a specific period or want to limit the amount of charging. The charging pile APP allows users to set settings according to personal preferences, improving the personalized charging experience.

2. Advantages of Wow Charger APP

2.1.1. Location navigation function

The APP integrates the Google Map function, which provides the location of nearby charging piles based on the current user location and can use Google Maps for navigation services, allowing users to find nearby charging piles easily.

Google Maps Features

2.1.2. Remote start charging pile

The charging pile can be started remotely using the APP. There are three starting methods: 1. Charge by amount 2. Charge by battery 3. Charge by time.

Remote start charging pile

2.1.3.Real-time charging view

After starting charging, users can view the page in real-time through the APP to ensure that users can understand the charging status at any time. If you need to stop charging, you can also click the Stop Charging button on this page to stop charging.

Stop Charging

2.1.4. Charging record query and statistics

The APP provides charging record queries and statistical functions. Users can query personal charging records at any time and conduct monthly or annual statistical analyses to understand charging consumption.

Charging record query and statistics

2.1.5. Home Pile Bluetooth Charging

The APP also has a Bluetooth connection function for home charging piles. Users can easily connect to home charging piles through the APP and modify the configuration of the piles. This function not only allows users to make personalized settings according to their own needs but also enhances the intelligence and operability of the charging pile.

Home Pile Bluetooth Charging

3. Conclusion

Today, as electric vehicles become increasingly popular, smart charging has become an urgent need for users. Wow Charger APP not only meets users’ needs in terms of charging pile location navigation, real-time charging monitoring, remote start, charging record query home pile Bluetooth charging, etc. Choosing the Wow Charger APP will provide you with more convenience, efficiency, and more. Intelligent charging experience, let us work together to create a new era of smart travel!

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