Why Musk Lay Off Super EV Charging Station Team?

1. Recently, the news that Musk was laying off 20% of his employees shocked many people. Lay Off Super EV Charging Station Team, Why would he make this move when electric cars are gaining momentum? This further makes the already crawling status quo of the electric vehicle industry even more difficult.

2. Many companies will cut staff or expand due to various reasons, but no one would have thought that Tesla’s EV Charging Station network department, which was the most promising, would be severely punished.

3. In the 11 years since 2012, the Tesla EV Charging Station network department has deployed more than 50,000 Tesla EV Charging Stations around the world. Their strength is global and cannot be underestimated, and they have made great contributions to the electric vehicle EV Charging Station industry. A huge contribution. The cruel fact is: that they were all laid off overnight.

4. When everyone was shocked by Musk’s behavior, several employees revealed many details to the outside world.

bluesky EV Charging Station Team

5. The day before she was laid off, Rebecca Tinucci, the head of the charging network department, also struggled hard to imagine the prospects of the charging network to Musk, trying to save a glimmer of hope for their department. However, these are all in vain. Musk has already laid out everything and further expanded the proportion of layoffs. Rebecca Tinucci stated that the consequences of this approach would have a great impact on the charging business, but it was unexpectedly rejected by Musk. In the end, the entire EV Charging Station network department with 500 people was laid off.

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6. According to the U.S. government, Tesla’s self-built EV Charging Stations account for 60% of U.S. highways.

7. Even though Musk made the move to lay off employees, he randomly posted on social media that he would continue to expand the layout of the charging network.

8. Former employees of the charging network said that before they were laid off, they received many calls from suppliers, contractors, power companies, etc. complaining about Musk’s suspension of the construction of EV Charging Station projects.

9. At the beginning of the month, Musk’s employee, the global supply manager, informed the EV Charging Station contractors to suspend the newly authorized construction projects and material procurement. But previously, millions of dollars had been spent on equipment and infrastructure. The current dilemma is that they can no longer recover the cost, let alone any compensation.

10. The knock-on effects of layoffs are huge. One construction contractor said that after his project was suspended, his annual income in 2024 is expected to decrease by 20%, so he began to look for other projects to avoid stuck in Tesla’s hands.

11. The current situation is that the employees in the EV Charging Station network department have mastered a large number of resources in the industry and their work efficiency is extremely high. However, when Tesla’s energy department took over the business of the EV Charging Station network department, due to the lack of connections and unfamiliarity with the process, the speed of project advancement would be greatly reduced.

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12. Musk is a leader in cost control and extensive analysis. According to Musk’s former employees, the EV Charging Station network department has started to make profits early. In terms of cost, each EV Charging Station will be 50% cheaper than the competitors above.

13. But now the situation is different. The new energy sector without any resources has to start everything from scratch.

14. According to Musk’s previous plan, Tesla will still spend $500 million to “slowly” expand the EV Charging Station network, and it is expected that thousands more EV Charging Stations will be built. The budget has been significantly reduced from previous plans but still relies on a team of several hundred people to support it. A San Francisco research firm estimates that Tesla will reduce the number of EV Charging Stations by 77% in the future.

15. However, things are not always that easy. Tesla has opened EV Charging Station interfaces to Hyundai, Toyota, and other friends, and is currently adapting charging plugs. This kind of work is very professional and difficult. At this time, the energy team that took over the EV Charging Station network team found it difficult.

16. Some Tesla employees said that Tesla’s contribution to the layout of the EV Charging Station network is unprecedented and unprecedented. However, they fell short of their achievements.

17. The most important thing is that Chinese electric cars have leading smart cabins and smart driving functions. Musk has fully felt the threat posed by Chinese brand electric cars to him. At this time, Tesla is no longer the world’s No.1 electric car manufacturer.

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18. Musk said he will shift from charging network expansion to smart driving. This is also the result of the great influence of Chinese electric vehicles.

19. It is understood that the layoffs this time are mainly concentrated in the field of supercharging, and among them are professionals with extremely rich experience and skills in the field of supercharging. However, this move will hinder Tesla’s innovation and development in the field of supercharging. However, Musk has his ideas. He believes that this kind of behavior can greatly streamline personnel, improve work efficiency, and concentrate resources on the field of intelligent driving that he wants to develop.

20. Following the layoffs, Tesla has strengthened its cooperation with other charging operators. This move has also greatly improved charging efficiency and coverage, thus reducing charging time.

21. Taken together, the prospects for electric vehicle EV Charging Stations are still very broad, the momentum has been improving, the entire market is still booming, and there are still many development opportunities.

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