Will charging an electric vehicle multiple times affect its lifespan?

In actual use, some owners will charge after each drive for convenience, and even charge for a short time when the power is insufficient. However, for the problem of fast charging, there is such a voice on the Internet: fast charging will affect the life of the battery of new energy vehicles. So is that true? Does fast charging affect the battery? Today I will give you an analysis.

The idea came from the habit of charging our phones in the first place! Remember that we should use the flip phone, because the battery production process is relatively old, at that time the mobile phone battery has very strong memory storage if you frequently charge, each charge time is very short, it can not be filled for a long time, the battery has memory storage, that is, even if you charge the time longer, It is also impossible to make the chemical substances inside the battery fully produce the function of storing electricity, so let us get used to filling it at a time when charging, which is a habit of battery protection.

With the continuous progress of battery technology, whether it is new energy vehicles or mobile phone batteries used at home, even if it is not filled with it at one time, it will not affect the service life of the battery, but it is too clean at one time, or too long, which will cause great harm to the current rechargeable battery. Therefore, the battery, a modern storage method that keeps pace with The Times, should still be determined according to the latest battery characteristics.

battery car

Now the batteries used in new energy models are ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries

Then the so-called memory effect of batteries is for cadmium-nickel batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Unlike nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect.

Shallow discharge is particularly important for the battery pack with ternary material as the positive electrode. In fact, after forming the battery pack, it has been adjusted through the circuit. The meter shows 0% remaining power, which does not correspond to 100% discharge of the battery. The same goes for charging. It is to extend the cycle life of ternary lithium batteries.

cycle life of ternary lithium batteries

Therefore, simply looking at the short charging time and frequent charging does not harm the battery but is beneficial to the health of the battery, because the lithium battery has no memory effect, so the shallow charging and shallow discharge method is more suitable for lithium batteries. For ordinary people’s understanding, the battery can be compared to a spring, charging is straightening, and discharge is letting go. Too much pressure is bad, too much pull is bad. The best state to use the spring is to swing slightly in the intermediate state, and the battery is also in this state.

If the charge is too full, the whole battery is in a relatively high voltage state, which is harmful to positive and negative electrode materials, electrolytes, and diaphragm. Similarly, over-discharging will also cause loss to the health of the battery. At the same time, fast charging is also relatively damaging to the battery, especially at low temperatures, fast charging may also cause carp.

In summary, slow charging, charging with use, shallow charging and shallow discharge, and not using the battery at extreme temperatures are good habits to keep the battery in the best condition.

The cycle with the most number of cycles is 60-90%, note that the number of cycles here is converted to 0-100%. Slow charging itself is also the best way to charge the battery health, so this way does not have any harm to the battery.

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